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Get Out of My Uterus, Stranger

Posted by Taylor Oakes

This article was written by Chelsea Bond and Reposted from It’s amazing how a woman’s life can be s [...]

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Top 5 Sexiest Foods

Posted by Kaitlin Cofer

The brain.  The most erotic organ of our body.  If you think it is going to turn you on, then it probably will.  But, why not help your thinking along a little? Food and sex are two of our greatest pleasures.  So, what the are the 5 sexiest foods?  Why should you eat them?  Read […]


Puppies: Expectation vs. Reality

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Puppies will sleep through the night and cuddle! / Via Reality: They will keep you up all night but start snoozin’ when you have to get up. They’ll LOVE your fancy dog treats and really appreciate how pretty they are. Reality: They’re fine with your couch. Expectation: They’ll sleep in the super […]

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Is Armpit Hair Beautiful?

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Photographer Ben Hopper discusses his new series “Natural Beauty” in which women with armpit hair are featured.   He discusses his views on subversive beauty and his new series in this HuffPost Live interview (gotta admit…not thrilled with the interviewer. But he speaks quite eloquently) He even discusses how Madonna’s recent post influenced his project. Though […]


Crockpot Protein Packed Turkey Chili

Posted by Sia Cooper

Though summer is right around the corner, I still love a  good bowl of chili to get my protein and fiber fix. There’s nothing that I love more than using my trusty ole crockpot to make it! Here is my recipe for a very easy crockpot turkey chili: Ingredients: 1 cup dry black beans 1 […]


Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?

Posted by Sia Cooper

  Have you ever heard anyone say that “great abs are made in the kitchen” or that getting fit is “80% diet, 20% gym?” A  new study from the University of Washington has found that while more people are exercising, the rate of obesity is climbing too. People automatically assume that just because they spend an […]


4 Ab Attacking Medicine Ball Moves

Posted by Sia Cooper

The medicine ball has become one of my favorite at home pieces of gym equipment within the last few months. I actually own two, in different sizes to use for different moves and they have been used in almost every workout. They are also affordable, depending on which brand you go with.  I have learned […]