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How many years is drinking shaving off YOUR life?

Posted by Freddy

We all know that drinking in access is incredibly punishing on your body and it’s vital organs. Recent studies have shown that binge drinking is especially damaging. Warning people of the toxic [...]

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Crazy Biceps and Triceps Blast

Posted by Sonja Kuehnle

This is a part of the Body Rock Hiit Bar and free weight series. This one will help you get those fabulous tank top arms by focusing in specifically on your biceps and triceps. Click here to get your hiit bar   Set your timers as follows   -          6 exercises -          50 seconds INTENSE […]


Heist Movie Workout

Posted by MK Morris

I went on an Ocean’s Eleven through Thirteen binge watch, and realized that A) I have too much time on my hands B) I love heist movies, and C) all heist movies seem to share a lot of similar tropes which would make it good for a workout challenge. So, pop in Tower Heist, Italian […]


The Best Dairy-Free Ways to Get More Calcium #3: Salmon

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Salmon is one of those foods near the top of just about every list of healthy foods. Not only is it rich in healthy fatty acids, but it’s also an amazing source of protein. Wild salmon is probably one of the healthiest foods on the planet! Canned salmon is actually the better source of calcium, […]

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How to Prevent Getting Ebola

Posted by Jessica

As of the other day, a 2nd American nurse has contracted Ebola after caring for the unfortunate Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan. Regardless of how it happened, or how likely it is that the virus will continue to spread in the USA & Europe, there have been enough recent cases in both regions to raise the risk […]


#skinnyrecipe Pumpkin Pie Spiced Nuts

Posted by MK Morris

It seems that once fall hits it’s impossible to avoid a landslide of pumpkin spiced eats and treats. Is anyone else getting sick of pumpkin yet? No? Yeah, me neither, that’s why I’m sharing yet another great pumpkin spice snack. Ingredients: 2 cups nuts of choice 2 tbsp. avocado oil (or oil of choice) 2 […]


BodyRock Sweatography: Ladies – LIFT!

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Inspirational BodyRocker: Geanna its been a very long road with my weight loss battle. I stared working out over a year ago doing the insanity program every second day and jogging. then last fall I started floor hockey and got into women’s hockey last winter where its was pretty competitive hockey but that’s where I […]