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Food Villains #5: Fish and Chips

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

This classic British dish is a favorite in restaurants like Long John Silver’s and Applebee’s, not to mention pretty much every Irish and English pub around the country. It’s a meal [...]

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How Knees Work (And How to Make Them Work Better)

Posted by Kevin Moore

Knees get a bad rap. Of the top seven most common sports injuries, three of them are knee-related. Even for non-athletes, creaking, popping and aching seem to be practically inevitable. I used to buy in to the conventional wisdom that knees are poor shock absorbers, cursed by design with an inexplicable fragility.  I’ve since realised that […]


Detox With This Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

Posted by Sia Cooper

Did you know that there’s much more to dandelions than just blowing them into the wind on a sunny day? Sure, they are TONS of fun! However, they have some amazing health benefits aside from all the fun! The benefits of dandelion root are, but not limited to: constipation relief upset stomach soother beneficial for […]

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Awesome Abs August Challenge

Posted by Sia Cooper

August is right around the corner and if you are starting your next semester of college, you may be emotionally eating due to the anticipation of it all!   Here is a month filled activity calendar for the month of August to help keep you lean & fit-everyday of the month! You can even do […]


Mint Tea Mojitos

Posted by MK Morris

I love tea infused anything, actually I’m just a huge tea fan in general. Tea infused cocktails however are my specialty. Tea brings much added flavour without the calories. Any alcoholic beverage is going to be unhealthy, but since I’m not giving up alcohol anytime soon, then I might as well try to make them […]

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BodyRock Sweatography: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Inspirational BodyRocker: Radha Ever since i became a teenager my weight remained over 60 kg, my love for food made it worse i got fatter and fatter my friends called me fatso i did numerous attempts to diet and lose weight, but as I lost weight, i lost motivation as well and I would go […]

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Got Smelly, Old Towels? Here’s How to Refresh Them!

Posted by Sia Cooper

  Most people never really think about cleansing their towels. After all, towels are primarily used to wipe water off of a CLEAN body. However, most people use the same towel for a few days in a row. The towel keeps absorbing and holding in the water, day after day. Then you wash the towels […]