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Food To Be Fit: Blonde & Redhead Beet Chips

Posted by Tyler Rose

When a woman comes close to the time of the month, she begins to crave all sorts of things. I tend to crave salty and crunchy…this is perfect for anyone who craves the same. Let me know kind of [...]

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HIIT MAX Workouts 26-30: Modifications, Substitutions, and Get Stronger Moves

Posted by Gina Trimarchi-Martin

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WEEK 6   We are now onto week six and Lisa is giving us an option of doing cardio or a strength move in between each given exercise. (Should we thank her for that or not?!) This gives you lots of alternatives. Some days you can do all cardio, some days […]


Injured BodyRocking: Leg, Back & Core

Posted by Karim Ramos

Hey BodyRockers!! … Miss me??  HAHA, well I miss you guys! Okay so I’m getting hit up with a lot of questions and requests sooooooooooo as a new kid on the BodyRock.Tv  block I am going to get to them all one by one… BTW THANK YOU for all YOUR Love & Support!!   So […]

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Booty Busting Series–Best Exercises to Build that Butt #12: Forward Leaning Lunges

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Lunges are good for your legs and they do work your glutes, but not as effectively as they could. Leaning forward increases the recruitment of the hamstrings and glutes, as opposed to just the quads. If you want to build your booty, it’s a good idea to try your lunges with a bit of forward […]


12 Days of Christmas Animal Cuteness: Day 4

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

The theme of today’s Christmas photographs: animals OTHER than cats and dogs. We’ve all seen thousands of photos of cute cats and dogs in their hats, so we’re going a bit out of the box and looking for other pets. If I can find a picture of a snake in a Christmas hat, you can […]


12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge -Day #5: Traps and Legs       

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Today is the day to hit those legs hard! You’ll also fit in the only muscles you haven’t worked out all week long: your traps. Traps and Legs Quads: Front Barbell Squats (2 sets of 12 to 15 reps) Box Squats (2 sets of 12 to 15 reps) Lunges (2 sets of 12 to 15 […]


Turtle Bean “Brownies”

Posted by Tyler Rose

Alright, so multiple takes on this recipe area already pretty famous. Some of them have lots of extra sugar, fudge/milk chocolate chips, and flour involved in the baking process. These are flour, fudge, and white sugar free. Let me know what you think of these bad boys, they’re sure to satisfy ANY chocolate craving. Ingredients:  […]