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Strange But True Fitness Tips #13: Go for a Pre-Workout Coffee

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Coffee is something most of us can’t live without, and we’re total grumps if we don’t have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But it turns out that the best time to drink co [...]

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8 Essential Bikini Wax Tips

Posted by MK Morris

I am a fan of waxing, I like to be smooth and hairless and not have to worry about shaving every day. I’ve been waxing e’rywhere since I was 17, so when a friend of mine got her very first bikini wax she was a little nervous and asked a BUNCH of questions, and I […]

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4 Tips to Making Macronutrients Easier

Posted by Sia Cooper

Diet plays a huge role in transforming your body into a finely tuned machine-actually it accounts for about 70% or more of your overall success. Macros, in general, are used to tweak your body and manipulate things the way you want it, but not everyone understands macros and why we keep up with them. We […]


Food To Be Fit: Dinner In A Pinch

Posted by Tyler Rose

This meal…yes this one right here, is probably my most-cooked recipe. It takes under 30 minutes to make and it is super packed with nutrients, low in carbs, and easily digestible. I will usually use whatever kind of meat I have at my house at the time, and play around with the spices. Sometimes I […]


Body Image: Why John Glaude Loves the Skin He’s In

Posted by Katie Pedersen

A man drops from 360 to 200lbs after months of hard work, diet and working out. He must look and feel great, right? Not entirely. Extreme weight-loss can open a whole new can of worms when it comes to body image. A video released by John Glaude – the creator of ObesetoBeast Fitness, recently revealed […]


BodyRock Booty Pop Workout Series: Workout #1

Posted by Sia Cooper

Welcome to the Booty Pop Workout Series! These series of workouts contain nothing but body-weight exercises to set your glutes on fire to make that booty “POP!”  What the series consists of: Five individual body-weight workouts that you will complete Monday-Friday, going in chronological order. What to do: Complete each workout per day with 3 […]

Woman Holding a Water Bottle After a Workout - Isolated

Strange But True Fitness Tips #12: Cool Down Those Hands

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

It feels wonderful to hold an icy water bottle when you work out, doesn’t it? You can run that chilled bottle all around your neck, head, and shoulders, helping to cool down your upper body as you sweat! But what if the cooling effect was actually in your hands? Adding ice to your water bottle […]