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No-Bake German Chocolate Protein Bars

Posted by Sia Cooper

{Recipe from Muscle & Fitness Hers} Have your cake-and eat it too with this delicious protein bar recipe! Ingredients: 6 scoops Double Chocolate Proto Whey 2 cups of instant oats 1/4 cup Organic S [...]

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Eating for a Low Carb Day

Posted by Sia Cooper

It is no secret how eating low carb can work wonders on shaping your body up. Don’t get me wrong-carbs are wonderful-just the right ones. We often get asked what a low-carb diet looks like. Here is a sample of a daily low-carb menu perfect for a 25 year old  female weighing in at 130lbs […]


Food To Be Fit: The BEST Salad

Posted by Tyler Rose

This is a salad of many names. Middle Eastern Salad, Chopped Salad, Israeli Salad…I’m not one to argue semantics, so I’m just going to bypass all of those names and go for something new. This salad will now be known as The BEST Salad! So light and delicious, I love that you can taste everything […]


BodyRock Sweatography: 55lbs Lighter & Marathon Runner!

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Inspirational BodyRocker: John This sort of goes with the woman that lost 105 lbs in 5 months. In March of this year I looked like the first photo. 254 pounds. I was at a painting project for a family member and this photo was snapped of me. (First photo). I was appalled. I immediately began […]


Karim’s Katabolic Kardio Krush!

Posted by Karim Ramos

Hey guys so here’s a good catabolic cardio crush for you all to try (Karim’s Katobolic Kardio Krush)!! Catabolic Crush is another form of saying melting fat/calories. By raising your heart rate up by doing a cardio exercise, then dropping it to a different type of  exercise….then raising it again with a cardio type exercise, […]


Origin of the Sports Bra

Posted by MK Morris

It’s time for a history lesson. Let me bring you back to an ancient time, when sports bras did not exist, where women’s bosoms’ were forced to bounce about in less than accommodating brassieres whilst exercising. Let’s go back into the distant past… 1977. Yeah. Did you know that the sports bra wasn’t invented until […]


Strange But True Fitness Tips #19: Have a Workout Slushy

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Very few of us would equate a slushy drink like ICEEs or Slurpees with weight loss and health, but could it be that drinking these slushies can actually help you to work harder? A study conducted in Australia discovered that drinking a slushy before working out in hot weather actually helped athletes to increase their […]