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30 Dogs You Wish You Knew In Real Life

Posted by Taylor Oakes

1. This dog who shares your feelings for pizza: 2. This dog that just triumphantly peed at the dog park: 3. This dog who can’t EVEN handle this butterfly: [...]

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Posted by Krissy Moore

Back to some good old fashioned body weight Rep workouts! This one I completed after a 3 mile jog the other day and I was SPENT! This one is great, paired with cardio, or by itself. All you need is some sort of step. I used the steps on my back deck, but a chair, […]

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12 Produce to Always Buy Organic!

Posted by Sia Cooper

When it comes to buying produce at your local supermarket, there is a lot to question-but most of us don’t. Of course, every bit of produce that you find, especially at Wal-mart, has been sprayed with some form of pesticides. Remember that tip that grandma taught you? “Always wash your fruits and veggies before you […]


30 Genius Google Tips And Tricks That Most People Don’t Know About

Posted by Taylor Oakes

Reposted from: Exclude certain words from a google search by adding a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want to exclude. ShareTweet Search within a website by typing “site:” followed by the URL of the site and your search terms ShareTweet Have Google do math for you by simply searching the equation ShareTweet […]


Food Villains #1: Restaurant Desserts

Posted by Andrew Peloquin

“NOOOOOO!” I can hear many people screaming. “Not our desserts!” Yes, sadly desserts are on the list of food villains, particularly the desserts served at many restaurants. From fried ice cream to ice cream sundaes to delectable chocolate brownies to apple pies to fruit turnovers, there’s nothing that closes the meal as well as a […]

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28 Hilarious Photobombs

Posted by Taylor Oakes

1. Smile contest. Tumblr   2. Beheaded by pigeon, what a way to go. Flip Collective   3. This cat is just REALLY pumped to be on a road trip. Tumblr   4. That’s one way to make the moment more memorable. Flip Collective     5. The furry guy behind him has never seen […]


How To Make Roasted Red Peppers

Posted by MK Morris

In my hunt for a good hummus recipe, I noticed that a common ingredient was roasted red peppers, which is a topping I love on pizza, pasta, or in a Panini. You can buy jars of roasted red peppers, but I’m a fan of homemade anything; it will generally be tastier and healthier than anything […]